Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MMK Shoot!

The title says it all :)) It was toxic (no, toxic is an understatement) nonetheless, it was a great experience.  I just joined this choir (Chorus Angelicus aka C.A.) last October 2010 due to my persistent mom.  Anyway, I never thought that I would enjoy their company as much as I've imagined.  

C.A. @ MMK starring Sam Milby, RJ Jimenez, Ms. Liezel and Ms. Christel

You see, I'm an introvert (and stubborn at that) but willing to expand my social network. There are times I feel awkward about myself joining the choir but their heart-warming welcome somehow eased that awkwardness. Although I'm still not getting used at it (but I'm almost there), I'm really thankful that I met such wonderful people.  (^__^)  God really has some tricks under His sleeves :)


Kuya John Rex with Ms. Liezel

 Kuya Francis with Ms. Leizel

Kuya Resty with Sam Milby >\\\<

L to R: Chod, Ms. Liezel, Ate Kath, Ate Aica

"Love, love has come my way.." =))) LOL!

with RJ Jimenez

We were on call starting 12 NN of April 8, the shoot started around 10/11 PM, the taping ended around 9 AM, April 9, 2011.  Mahirap maging artista! HAHAHA! =)))

Ate Kath for the other pics :) 

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